Wife slut training

Having hard time getting around on site but need get my wife trained as a cock sucking cum swallowing slut I will do what ever it takes to make this happen can only get her in the USA so anyone wanting to help me change her to my slut lets talk

I want to sign my 42 year old wife up. I want her to be my little slut whore . Where do I take her in the USA for this training ? Here are some pictures of her

Asked by Anonymous

If you want a real training for her, send her to Master Scott, he lives in the USA. But not sure if he will take her. We are an online training school. Maybe book her a flight to Germany, i will keep her in my house then for training. *evil smile

Lectures - I. To become a slave

The decision of submission

It is always better when a free woman submits freely to a man, as than she knows for sure, that it was her decision to choose slavery for her life, and not by the will of a man. Such slaves are often the better ones, comparing to the forced collared free women. Such girls believe in slavery, and are mostly owned for a much longer time by their first owner, than forced ones.

Slavery itself is always a chance for a new life, for every free woman that chooses this way. It is the chance to live her inner self and to become a better version of herself. Such as a free woman, also the free man who owns his first slave, he will grow to a better version of himself, as he will be much more masculine than before and the new slave much more feminine as she has ever been before.

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